Amura is the definitive technological solution that unifies all your operative and administrative systems with an easy to use interface adapted to all pilotage requeriments. Amura supports mobile, tablet and desktop.

What is Amura?

Amura is the leading European software company for Pilots and Port Authorities serving over 14 ports worldwide.

Amura provides marine pilots with a flexible software which unifies all administrative and operative management systems in one easy to use interface adapted to all pilotage requirements. With Amura our clients rapidly increase efficiency and service quality indicators.
It improves marine piloting management in several ways:

  • Higher productivity and better-quality services, optimizing the administrative and operative processes.
  • Transparency and control of the business, integrating all the information in one unified system.
  • Improve profitability, saving costs and time.
  • Support mobile and tablets.
Manoeuvres registered in 2018.

Reduction in administration time per act of pilotage.
Reduction in operational information errors received by pilots.
Reduction in invoice errors.



  • Control panel forecasting vessels.

  • Intelligent assigment of services.

  • Visualization berth and safety observations of vessels.

  • Improving control of operations with high safety standards.

  • Web-based or via the mobile APP assignment of vessels to pilots and notifications.

  • Records of hours worked and graphic visualization of activities.


  • Complex Pricing System.

  • Electronic invoicing in real time.

  • Management of invoices.

  • Generation of stacks of invoices.

  • Export data generated via Amura to accounting software.

 Total Management

  • Real-time monitoring of key performance indicators.

  • Information exchange with Port Authorities in areas of common interest.

  • Productivity track record per pilot.

  • Generation of different users´ access.

To learn more about Amura download our Amura Quick Presentation and Amura Fact Sheet.

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