“Amura is the definitive technological solution that unifies all its administrative and operational management, through a flexible vision that adapts to all the needs of pilotage.”


Proven improvements under management indicators measured directly by our customers.

Safety and Profitability

Continuous increase in the security and profitability of nautical operations from all areas.

Continuous Innovation

Periodic updates guarantee keeping the Software alive, optimizing functionalities and adding improvements.

Latest technologies

We use the latest in multiplatform technology applied to the maritime sector: AIS, IoT or Big Data.

Support and Service

Fast and direct customer service, fast response to incidents via telephone or via email.


Each port is different, Amura Pilot adapts to each situation with high-level consulting and training.

What is Amura?

Pilotage or Pilotage Corporations are essential for the safe management of maritime traffic in ports and inland waterways. Every day in each port, the pilots take care of complex situations related to maritime security that does not permit mistakes. The system of Integral Pilotage Management by Amura Pilot guarantees a significant positive impact in the daily operations of pilotage by providing all the people of the organization with the information they need where and when they need it.

Amura Pilot provides Marine Pilots with multiplatform access to the precise and timely information they need to perform their work both in operation and in their active vessel database. At the same time, it manages to improve the efficiency of the dispatch and planning functions and to efficiently manage the assignment of pilots and boats, registration of maneuvering or the communication with the maritime agents involved in the operation. In addition, Amura Pilot provides managers with absolute and real-time control of the corporation by incorporating a precise and powerful billing system for the pilot services, improving cash flow and generating revenue.

Amura Pilot adapts to the reality of each port and each organization. Unique information flows correctly and efficiently. Pilots can receive all the required information in any place, helping them to manage their time effectively; the administrative department has secure information of the maneuvers and maritime agents can view details about the proposed works through the Web, reducing the phone calls and emails.

Maneuvers registered through our system in 2017.
Invoices issued through Amura in 2017.
Reduction of errors in operational information.
Reduction of the number of invoices with errors.
The functional success of Amura differs from other solutions that exist in that it integrates the entire management cycle of port companies; from the request of the service, registration of the movement of the ship, to invoicing and collection management, significantly increasing the efficiency of the organization. All this is the result of collaboration, knowledge transfer and exchange of experiences that existed in the design of the application with several Pilot Corporations.


  • Control panel with the forecast of incoming ships and outgoing ships.

  • Intelligent Assignment of Services.

  • Visualization of the Berth and Safety Observations of the Vessels.

  • Comprehensive Operation through the APP.


  • Complex Pricing System.

  • Electronic invoicing in real time.

  • Block Invoicing and Collection Management.

  • Automatic sending of individual and mass invoices via email.

 Total Management

  • Visualization of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Boat Maintenance Management.

  • User management and access profiles.

  • Automatic obtaining / updating of vessel data.

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