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Marine Pilots develop a fundamental job not only due to what they represent for the economy but also because of the security levels with which activities take place in the ports. Amura moves those security and service agility standards, creating an integrated technological solution, conceived to facilitate Marine Pilot’s tasks and maximize the corporation’s efficiency.

Amura is a unique technological solution that joins clearance process optimization, accessible through the web or mobile application, with a more simple and transparent billing process, minimizing errors through the automation of tariffs and the integration of electronic signatures. It also integrates Human Resources Management, predictive Control Panel or Boat Management options.

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Amura provides coast pilot corporations with solid software that unites all operations through a flexible, modular and open vision that perfectly adapts to their needs.

  • Service book management
  • Movement status management
  • Automatic consultation of vessel data
  • Movements from the app
  • Tariff management
  • Bill management and emission
  • Emitted bill payment management
  • Billing with electronic signature
  • Personnel management module
  • Scorecard
  • Predictive billing calculation
  • Boat management



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